As a matter of fact, I’m writing all of this because I wanted to say that the most important knowledge of my life, of all the finished schools and everything I’ve learned there, is the following: everything is love and it is the energy of love or unlove that creates everything I’ve mentioned. It makes the blood flow, it makes a cell reproduce itself and it makes an illness come and go. All of that is a measure of love and acceptance. Acceptance of ourselves and everything the Mother Nature has given us. There is a force in us, stronger than anything I have learned about so far and yet, no textbook makes a mention of it. This is the energy of love, of gratitude, of belonging and accepting. And this is something we have not been taught anywhere, except perhaps in the classes of literature, music and arts, if we were lucky enough to come across a resourceful and sharp professor to point at this most important fact carefully and unassumingly.

And so, after thousands and thousands of pages of medicine, I have come to realize that illness is not what I have been taught. And that health is not what is written there. That what it all comes from are not fats, cholesterol, cigarettes and what not. That what it all comes from is actually the lack of love, antagonism and resistance to what we truly are. Unlove for ourselves and the planet we are walking on. And there is no prevention there except to come to love ourselves again. And that’s the real knowledge.

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On Femininity or Feminine principle


What are the key words for femininity? Key words for femininity are softness, tenderness, elegance, compassion, caring, graceful movements, sensuality and sexuality. Once upon a time, when I was undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy, my therapist [...]

Power of the Eternal Moment

My point of view|

"I am no more and yet I exist, only now in some unknown space and time where my mainstays or my skills no longer serve. My thoughts, numb, crumple at my palms, for what used to be will be no more. But the fear unexpectedly starts to falter while everything gets covered by a flaxen twilight."

Autoimmune diseases and the Bach flower remedies


The autoimmune diseases are ailments in which the cells of our immune system, that otherwise protect the organism from external and internal foreign and undesirable agents, attack the cells of one’s own organism.

How do I know there are energy centres :)?


The energy centres were well known during much older civilisations replaced by this contemporary civilisation of ours with its own interpretation of things, but here is my “simple view”