About the author

Dr Nada Markovic, MSc, BFRP, certified Bach practitioner of the Bach Centre in London.

Energy psychology practitioner

Master in Health Policy and Management

This site is my way to convey my personal message. This site is my way to express love, gratitude and support. I am grateful to all those who have helped me on my way. Both to those who have been the wind in my sail and to those who have thwarted me, for if it hadn’t been for them I would have never learned by lessons. I want to thank all my teachers, who are many, and I am eternally grateful to them…

I was born in 1979. In 1997, I went to Belgrade where I enrolled Medical School. I graduated in 2004 with the average mark 9.94 on the scale from 6 to 10 (I’m stating this only as an example that we should not overdo things, not even good marks) and numerous scientific papers. And scholarships. As the scholarship holder of the Foundation for Scientific and Artistic Creativity I enrolled post-graduate studies of immunology and I worked as a scientific associate at a project on virology. At the same time I volunteered at the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases.

Thanks to some circumstances, in 2006, looking for something new, I applied at the Ministry of Health where I first got accepted for the “Serbia Health Project” and then as the advisor at the Sector for International Cooperation and European Integrations. In 2008, I enrolled studies of health policy and management at the School of Public Health of the School of Medicine and in 2010 I successfully defended my master thesis in the field of mental health that I had always been particularly interested in: “Analysis of health policies in the sphere of mental health.”

Going through both laboratory and clinical work, as well as through the work on the enhancement of the health care system, I decided to choose finally what I was mostly interested in. In other words, what made my heart dance and my soul sing. And now we come to the real biography, the truest one.

Because of a personal crisis that came about in 2002, followed by huge level of tension, panic attacks, numbing of the left side of my face and body, I started to work on myself. First I didn’t know what came over me for a long time. My life simply changed in a blink of an eye. I turned from the best student who was applauded by all (I’m just mentioning this, but I don’t think it is something to look up to J), I became completely helpless, hitting the bottom. The rock bottom. Going through almost all forms of psychotherapy, I did manage to “function,” but I was still deeply unhappy, with the same symptoms and a myriad of insights that I didn’t know what to do with. I’d had enough of the “success,” spurious and pointless “functioning” and the pharmacotherapy that only made me falsely feel better. It was all only patching up. My soul suffered and begged for a release. Everybody asked: “What is your problem, young, beautiful and successful?” I often wondered myself. I couldn’t get to the right answer for quite some time.

Now I shiver when I hear the phrase young, beautiful and successful… Don’t fall for an image sent by somebody else. It is but a mask and a role we are playing in a film about our life which in fact is not “our own,” but rather we are just fulfilling some or somebody else’s expectations. And we are not even aware of it until we have fallen ill.

There was no end to my troubles despite all applied psychotherapies: my symptoms of numbing and cramps were characterized as bizarre… I used to wake up each morning with huge feeling of tension, cramps in different parts of my body and the feeling of guilt kept suffocating me more and more from one day to the next… “How come, everything around me is great and this is how I feel?!!” And it all lasted for more than a decade… Every single day.
My friend  took me to a lecture on Bach’s therapy and then all the doors started spontaneously to open. It is said that when you are on the right track, the entire Universe is supporting you …
After three months of using Bach flower remedies I dropped the medicines… Although the medicines were supposed to be a temporary solution, they only suffocated my true nature even more, but for a while they were the only way out for finding some calm. Then I got pregnant… And this was followed by further work that has led me to certified practitioner in Bach Flower Therapy. Afterwards, I felt a desire to pass on to people what I’d been through and it was really worth it, believe me …

The discovery of energy psychology has been for me a dream come true. I’ve always felt that everything is energy. The body and all that is in it and around it, and in all sorts of ways. I’ve felt the energy of the others, which in fact made me, completely unaware of myself, fall into this crisis. By sensing intensively other people, their needs and expectations, I’ve filled them up, pampering them and thus losing myself.
Also, I’ve always felt something missing in the contemporary way of medical treatment and that was dealing with the person, in every sense of meaning, especially the emotional and mental ones. For me, these two methods constituted the missing link. Fully recovered thanks to the energy psychology, which certainly encompasses the Bach therapy, I’ve started to study it deeply and to convey it to you. You are going to read more about these methods on these pages.
During all of these years, I’ve actually written intensively and I still do it. My texts are different: from daily observations, challenges I’ve been through, to the texts that will help both you and me on the way of self-knowledge and healing. Unaware that this was what I loved to do the most and wanting to put down on paper everything that bothered me, I’ve written many pages. A part of them is going to see the light of the day precisely here. Only with the aim to share and help, if I can.

Just one more thing: during this crisis I was very much afraid that somebody may notice I didn’t feel well. I used to hide and pretend everything was fine, while everything was blowing up inside of me. So, do not judge anybody. I bet that you who “know” me are perhaps surprised now. Yes, let us be open, let us accept, let us freely give and receive love, let us sincerely ask “how are you, do you need something.” Let us share warmth, love and support. That is the only thing that we are left with in the end. Do not discard people with any kind of emotional, mental or any other disorder. Believe me, they did get it in the first place because they lacked warmth and support. And they are a part of you. The unconscious, suppressed and the scared part of you. What you certainly are not and must certainly not be. And this is why you push them away.