On Femininity or Feminine principle


What are the key words for femininity? Key words for femininity are softness, tenderness, elegance, compassion, caring, graceful movements, sensuality and sexuality. Once upon a time, when I was undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy, my therapist [...]

Power of the Eternal Moment

My point of view|

"I am no more and yet I exist, only now in some unknown space and time where my mainstays or my skills no longer serve. My thoughts, numb, crumple at my palms, for what used to be will be no more. But the fear unexpectedly starts to falter while everything gets covered by a flaxen twilight."

Autoimmune diseases and the Bach flower remedies


The autoimmune diseases are ailments in which the cells of our immune system, that otherwise protect the organism from external and internal foreign and undesirable agents, attack the cells of one’s own organism.

How do I know there are energy centres :)?


The energy centres were well known during much older civilisations replaced by this contemporary civilisation of ours with its own interpretation of things, but here is my “simple view”