Energy psychology

The energy psychology is a new branch of psychology, it is psychology of the body-mind relation, but at a level much deeper than any known branch of psychotherapy that includes body as well, such as, for instance, body psychotherapy. It is based on quantum physics and not on the Newton’s one (which means that we can work remotely).

It entails conversation, insight, living through a traumatic memory or living through anything one wants to achieve. Using our knowledge, we tell the client to go into the emotion and feel it. Therefore, using certain thoughts, reminiscence or anticipation, we produce a certain emotion, which is always a memorized reaction in the body. But in fact, this is a memorized energy field in the body which is thus in a dysfunction.

The idea of energy psychology is not to deal with those memories, but rather to fix the “broken” energy matrix which is actually accessed by the energy psychologist. We access the energy matrix that is in dysfunction. And these are meridians, chakras, bio-field or aura. A relatively quick technique, for it works on a deeper level and the deeper we go, the faster the change.

The essence of the energy psychology is that all psychological problems and other kinds of consequential health issues get created as a manifestation of disorders in the human energy matrix. It is used for removing psychological and emotional disorders, chronic and acute pains and diseases. As the causes to all of these disorders lie in the blockage in the energy anatomy of the person, so these blockages manifest themselves neurologically, biochemically, cognitively and behaviourally.

Any psychological problems are alleviated much faster if we approach them within the energy anatomy where the disorder occurred in the first place than if we work on digging up the history of its origin- what used to be characteristic of, for instance, Freud’s psychoanalysis. By changing the energy structure in which the cause of the problem lies, we create a new awareness, a new way of comprehending both the body and the emotions, and a new way in which they react. In fact, there is no negative reaction any longer, but rather we begin to create our own life.
There is bodily intelligence which knows best what is good for it. Our most intelligent part is the body and it keeps sending us signals when something is not right with the manner in which we think, feel and live. For we feel as we think, and we feel with our body. The energy psychology teaches us to think from the body, to think, speak and behave not from a contraction, but from the comfort of our body. And it should not be the mind that dictates our sensations in the body and the feelings, but rather the body should dictate our thoughts. Thus, the communication between the mind and the body constitutes the basis of the energy psychology.

But, only when we have healed our energy anatomy in the body we can start to feel comfort in it and from that position we can shape up the rest.

The whole code of the energy psychology is a change in convictions, habits, at the level of balancing the mind through the body. Emotions and everything in-between simply adjusts. This thing in-between takes on the function it needs, but it is important to balance out the two ends, the mind and the body, in such a way that the body balances our mind and not vice versa. So that we speak, think and act in harmony with our body and the comfort we feel inside of it. This is the goal of energy psychology, a change of habits and convictions. It is the weaving of new convictions. It is the awakening. Changing of convictions and living in harmony with our truth and not memories. Awakening from living by inertia memorized in the mind, although this brings us disease in our body, and consequently – making our own life come to life.

For we most often are not who we think we are. We only think, based on some memories. Based on what we have been taught. But, most often, this is not good for our body, because the way we have been taught is most often not us. That is why we go the other way around, for the body is the most intelligent part of us and it knows what we are in fact and what is best for us.

A man thinks on the basis of his convictions created from the heart energy centre where all the inherited emotions have been collected as regards the memories that have hurt us or have been traumatic for us. It means that other people to whom we emotionally react are always a part of our body, what bothers us in others is in fact our unresolved emotional problem and something that is an inherited traumatic emotion. Our body contains an inherited field of emotions that has defined our character – beliefs, rules and the ego. It’s absurd, but when a man reacts, he reacts against himself, i.e., his mind reacts against his body in line with the inherited code. That code depicts us completely. The main element we work on is the body. Mentality is characteristic of humans, but our real life goes through the body. Mentality should develop from the comfort in our body, not the other way around.

The energy matrix consists of energy centres, energy flows-meridians and the biofield or the aura. All techniques within the scope of the energy psychology work with these three parts of our energy body. It is precisely that these three elements constitute the “holy trinity” of the energy psychology, what we are working on, where the changes happen. And this is where we can use the techniques offered by this discipline because they are fast, while working at a deeper level.

The energy psychology techniques change our neuronal paths and it takes 28 days for something to become a new habit. A new habit becomes our new destiny. When something is at this level, than it is new knowledge and the new life. That is why something is done for 28 days – in order for it to completely sink into our unconscious part and reprogramme our habits.

How do we achieve a change through the energy psychology techniques?
The balancing of our energy matrix takes place by:

balancing energy centres through the use of essences (Bach flower remedies and essences for energy centres), energy exercises and consciousness technology exercises.
balancing energy flows using meridian therapy: the so-called “tapping” of certain meridians or energy flows in charge of the issues we are facing.
The use of any of these techniques represents a choice and recommendation of the therapist depending on the challenges we face and the acute nature of our problem.


Why body and mind? We are used to the mind which judges, thinks and leads us. We are used to and have been taught to be “rational”. However, the truth does not lie there; this is not where our truth is. The mind is the home of our conscious part that thinks it knows it all.

At the same time, the body is the centre of our unconscious part. The body is the centre of our convictions, and behaviour patterns that are always unconscious. That the life is difficult, that we are going to be punished if we do not behave as we are expected to, that we are guilty, etc. It is precisely in the body, as our unconscious part, that we have all our traumatic memories buried, everything that we must not do under any circumstances, everything we have suppressed and what is our authentic nature. We live in accordance with our habits, for we are afraid to become aware of our unconscious part, we are afraid to get out of the pattern.

This is expressed with cramps and most diverse symptoms, until we get to the disease of the physical body. Everything on the outside, to which we “react” by a “negative” emotion, is in fact a reflection of what we have suppressed into our unconscious part, but what has been memorized in the energy matrix of the body.

When we get out of the emotional reaction mode, we start to create. Until then, we have lived by inertia, according to our memories, completely unaware of our unconscious part which only kept attracting events and people into our life, all for the purpose of our development.

You are going to say now: “Well, should I be without emotions?”

The fact which is rarely known, yet which is attainable, is that our natural state of being is the SENSATION of calm, acceptance and gratitude for everything that is happening to us. Only when we get to this sensation of acceptance, we can talk about emotions. Until then we react from the position of memories. Our emotions marked as negative, if they are long-term and repetitive, are always an alarm that we haven’t accepted something from the outside. And any resistance to something from the outside is in fact a resistance to something that is ours, something we have not accepted yet. Something that is deeply unconsciously buried in the energy matrix of the body that is in dysfunction. Long-term sadness, anger or fear are not our truth, they are not our natural state of being. Unless provoked by some really objective situation and unless they leave us soon, these emotions are always a reflection of some of our deeply suppressed memories that we project onto the world around us. And the body always reacts. With tension, by cramping, with a feeling we are under pressure, by numbing, by quivering, by feeling a lump in our throat, by heart palpitation, headache and all sorts of symptoms we have every day. These physical symptoms lead in the long run to continuous secretion of adrenaline that further leads to chronic damage to the tissue and chronic diseases. At the physical level, this is the axis of hypothalamus, limbic system – pituitary gland – endocrine glands, hormones.

At the physical level, this is the Mind-Body connection.

This is what classic psychotherapy also deals with, e.g., the bodily psychotherapy that deals with physical symptoms of our conflicts.

But, what is forgotten is that there is another level in the body, in addition to the physical and the mental ones, and this is the deep energy level.

There is no complete healing until things get regulated at this level. This is where the classic psychotherapy differs from this type of therapy.

Any healing needs to take places at three levels: the mental one – thoughts and convictions; the physical one – reaction in the body, cramps, numbing, tension, etc.; and energy, emotional one – the deepest part that forever remembers the traumatic conflicts.

Only the energy psychology truly brings about the healing at all three levels.

In the classic therapy of any kind, a person mentally and emotionally recalls traumatic events and the objective is to have a change at the cognitive, conscious level, at the level of perception and understanding of a certain event, its new comprehension, understanding and the consequent altered reaction. Yes, we have changed things at the mental level and continue to go through life like that, but the situation, i.e., the emotion that goes along with it remains imprinted at the energy level like a deep code. It means that a situation that has even the slightest association to our traumatic memory, although transformed and comprehended and processed at the mental level, will lead to a reaction – fear, anxiety, panic and in the long run to a durable disorder that disturbs our happy and harmonious life. A question arises as to in which way and by which technique are we heal the issues at the deepest level that we have forgotten exists. And that has led to an energy unbalance and where we are going to get cramps again when something associates us to the given situation.

At the bodily level, likewise, the change will also not be healed to the very end, as there has been no change at the energy level. Therefore, with the classic psychotherapy, it is all clear to us, why and how and because of which we react with a certain emotion or why we came to a certain state that bothers us. And we have learned that we need to do things differently, but the trauma or the memory have not been cleared at the energy level, like a blockage. And we are stuck there despite everything we have found out and despite all that work on ourselves.

By changing our thoughts and behaviour, we are going to make a step out, but the reaction will continue to be in the body, since the body has kept that memory through its energy matrix. It’s just like when we are stiff and we have a massage – it will relax us and heal us, but it does not treat the real cause of our contraction and pain which is always at that level.

The energy psychology is guided by the notion that the problems are there for us to progress, evolve and become enlightened, but certainly very functional in our life.