Bach flower essences and energy psychology in healing process

Moscow, November 17-18th Lecture: ,,Bach flower essences and energy psychology in healing process“


Please find here the announcement of the lecture in russian media.


First day:

About emotions. What are emotions from the point of view of physical body?

What is Consciousness and its importance in healing process-unconscious and physical body

Energetic anatomy of the body: Chakras-energetic centers, meridians; definition, main purpose of each chakra

Using Bach flower remedies for healing our energetic body-possible combination of essences for healing each chakra; consciousness technology exercises and tapping meridian points

Second day:

Power of acceptance. What that is it mean actually to accept oneself. Real etiology of disease with ,,unknown etiology”

Stress – different approach, traumatic memories in our body. Acute and chronic stress

Diseases and physical symptoms from the point of view of Bach therapy

Example: autoimmune diseases -personal experience and experiences with clients

About anxiolitics/antidepressants medicines versus Bach flower remedies and energy psychology from healing point of view with personal experience

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