Endometriosis is a disorder that occurs when part of the endometrium of the uterus leaves the uterus and covers the surrounding organs, most often the ovaries. I will not deal with exact definitions, I will try to, very plastically as a doctor, describe and present this disorder that afflicts many, many women.

I myself have endometriosis, which has decreased significantly since I have been working on myself in this way, to the point where it is completely harmless, at rest without enlargement, and I have absolutely no pain during my menstrual cycle.

In my college textbook – Gynecology and Obstetrics, it says that in 75 percent of cases, women with endometriosis are sterile. I don’t know where that information comes from when we have two ovaries, and only one functional is needed for pregnancy. I was pregnant twice with endometriosis… So don’t be afraid. If both ovaries are affected then it can be a problem.

What exactly is endometriosis?

In the simplest terms, endometriosis is when part of the endometrium, that’s why it’s called endometriosis, spreads to the surrounding organs or the ovary. What is the endometrium? It is the epithelium that lines the inside of the uterus. Under circumstances not yet clarified, this epithelium ascends from the uterus to the ovary, with which they are anatomically connected by the fallopian tubes.

It is not known exactly why this happens, there are various scientific interpretations and assumptions, but the one that is closest to me is the explanation that I read somewhere and which is very symbolic – that a woman seems to sacrifice her needs to be a woman, her femininity, as to sacrifice her true needs and femininity that is in the womb and covers the ovaries with that tissue, and the ovaries are a symbol of fertility. As a result, that ovary can become less and less functional in releasing eggs into the fallopian tube during ovulation, and thus fertilization can be more difficult, as well as conception.

Conception always happens in the fallopian tube, and implantation itself, which is when the fetus attaches and grows, occurs in the uterus.

It is as if in this disorder, the uterus suffers from lack of implantation and warns the ovaries, calls them out and finally in some way punishes, traps the woman’s fertility. She says: Well, if you don’t want to, here you are now. A woman must not forget about herself and her need and duty and obligation to be a woman. To fulfill her true desires, to rest, to enjoy, to indulge in sensuality and sexuality, to attract, to seduce, to laugh because she is truly satisfied.

To create, to give birth, to release vital energy.

But, we started to want to be equal with men. What nonsense. It’s not natural. Each of us has a role to play and we should not disturb the natural balance.

A woman should give birth, to children of course – but only if she wants to. First of all, she should generate creativity, create, and here is the source of the energy of creation. Otherwise, a woman dries up and becomes tired and mentally numb, angry and resentful.

A woman should be wild in expressing her life energy, as Clarissa Piñola Estes says. If this is hampered, disorders arise.

The essence that is the most in line with endometriosis for me is Rock Water above all. As doctor Bach would say:

… it is for people who are hard on themselves in the sense of neglecting their own needs and repressing themselves.

They seek perfectionism in everything, in a way known to them. They set goals for themselves and are very strict in achieving them and are consistent. There they set an example for others, they are an example.

People in the state of Rock Water strive to improve themselves in every way. They set rules and goals for themselves and are strict and harsh with themselves when it gets out of their hands.

The Rock Water essence does not hold us back in achieving our goals, it just unties us and makes us be kinder and gentler to ourselves and our needs along the way.

A Rock Water type of woman is ambitious, steel disciplined, sometimes to the limit of endurance and deprives herself of numerous pleasures in order to reach some set goal known only to her.

Working on second energy center helped me a lot in terms of essences, of course, but also listening to the frequency for the second center, as well as energy exercises and practicing relaxation and letting go of control over my rigid body.


  • To release control, install a sense of lightness and tenderness against roughness and rigidity in the body.
  • I deserve it!
  • I am enough and I have (done, said, achieved) enough

Change of belief

For example that everything requires a lot of effort and suffering and that life is a hard struggle in which there is no room for relaxation and enjoyment.

The belief that we have to be good girls in order to be accepted, so we go out of our way to get the much-needed love.

The belief that we have to work hard to deserve love.

The belief that it is not safe to relax and let go of control. The belief that it is not safe to enjoy. That it is not allowed to enjoy.

Being a sexual being and enjoying it is dirty and forbidden.

Fulfilling your desires is self-sustaining.

I’m not worth enough and therefore have no right to wishes.

I have to earn everything.


It helped to establish a free emotional flow, because this is where energy and emotions can get stuck. The second energy center is the center of our emotions, anger, jealousy, guilt, fear of abandonment, embarrassment, shame, humiliation. The main trauma is the trauma of abandonment or the trauma of humiliation or shame in a part of our femininity that causes us to freeze in that part and not allow ourselves to feel and indulge in pleasures. Being a woman is dirty. Being a sexual being is dirty. Being a woman who fulfills her desires is very punishable and undesirable, so a woman neglects her needs in terms of touch, caressing, tenderness, sexuality, enjoying bites, enjoying small things and considers all enjoyment unnecessary and pointless. She considers other women who have emphasized femininity to be too relaxed and light, which is too much for her rigid perfectionist system and world, where she forbids herself to even feel.

Be what nature gave you. Being a woman is a gift.

Don’t forget that you are a woman. It means that you live it, and not live as a man and then ask yourself why everything is slipping away from you? Your partner, motherhood, your pleasures are slipping away, there are always some problems and you have to work hard all the time!

Just work and study, everything will come. Well, it won’t. We are usually taught in our families like this, only this, only that, only study, don’t have fun, be careful not to get pregnant, be careful of this, be careful of that, don’t do it until you finish college, don’t do it until you get a job. And so a woman is waiting for femininity, fertility to happen to her, but she has been male all her life. Endometriosis occurs in women from whom much was expected. To be successful above all. Endometriosis is a punishment for ambitious women who don’t know and haven’t been taught what it means to be a woman. Or they somehow neglected it, because of something… Or because of some trauma or because of upbringing, for a million reasons.