How do I know there are energy centres :)?

The energy centres were well known during much older civilisations replaced by this contemporary civilisation of ours with its own interpretation of things, but here is my “simple view”: So,


I am a doctor. I studies physiology, anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, internal medicine and many other things. With the average mark of 9.94 (on the scale of 6-10).

And after all of this I can say: Our physiology is managed by energy. Through the energy centres that are located in some parts of our body.

How can I claim that our physiology is managed by energy? Well, what else manages the process, which the physiology is, if not energy? Well? What it is that moves you? What makes a flower bloom, a bee buzz, a wind howls, if not energy?

The energy in the body is, so to speak, “grouped up” into energy centres and meridians. The energy centres constitute the sources and the meridians are the paths or the courses. This is analogous and spatially coincides with the nerve plexuses in our body which have an electromagnetic field. The nerves start from the nerve plexuses and centres. Blood vessels start from the heart. In the same way, the meridians start from the energy centres.

So, the energy manages our physiology, it makes the blood flow and the nose run, it makes us hungry, full, cold, warm, joyful or sad. Healthy or ill. This is all done by physiology. In which way? Through different processes. But, who regulates these processes, who manages them? The pituitary gland. In the centre of the limbic system. The limbic system, the scientists tell us, is the centre of emotions. And right there, in that centre of the centre of emotions, at the physical level, is the pituitary gland which regulates the work of all the hormones in the body. All of them. Thus, it influences the entire physiology. Both the health and the illness.

The pituitary gland is located in the centre of the centre of emotions and that is the limbic system. All our emotions reflect on the pituitary gland and consequently on all other endocrine glands in the body.

What are emotions? The energy in motion. The emotions are energy. The emotions are a vibration that has its frequency. Each emotion has its own vibration. So, the work of our pituitary gland, of our hormones and the entire physiology depend on the energy in motions, the e-motion, the emotions. And our emotions, what are they?

Yes, the emotions are the energy which like a script rests in our energy centres. Inherited, innate predisposition. For certain ways of reacting – for certain emotions. Our goal in this life is to balance them out. This is what the experiences from this life are for. To bring our centres into a balance.

How do I know that?

I can feel it.

The first centre – at the bottom of the spine. When I’m afraid, consciously or unconsciously, I feel I’m contracted down there. Now I have become aware of that and I can feel it. But many are not, because we have been taught differently. And this is the only truth. The fear is in the body, down in the first energy centre. In the area around the anus, bottom of the spine and the colon. And it also encompasses these organs.

The second centre – navel. The centre of feeling the guilt when unbalanced. How do I know? I can feel it. The tearing apart of the ovaries, for it is never good enough. That pricking of the ovaries when you have a constant feeling that you are not good enough and that you are about to face punishment because of it. I used to have endometriosis because of the consequential perfectionism that originated from the feeling of guilt. Since you are never good enough, then you become perfect, but alas, even then you are just not good enough. By working on the second energy centre, persistently and for a long time, the cist got smaller. As for the cause of the endometriosis, they say – unknown. And the gynaecology textbook even says – sterility in 70 per cent of the cases. Ha! It’s all in emotions, but they don’t want to tell us that. I also have a child. Well, if I had believed everything that is written and that has been taught… and everything I got 10 out of 10 during my studies…

The third centre. Around the stomach. When unbalanced, we feel ashamed and embarrassed to show who we really are. Our true self. When we are ashamed to express ourselves and show our true colours. For all kinds of reasons. We will seem silly, they will laugh at us, they will gossip about us, what will mom and dad say, etc. And so we get an ulcer because of the stress created by us eating up ourselves. We cannot express ourselves, we cannot say things, show who we are, shine… We just bend. All the way to the ground. They say Helicobacter pylori. I know I will be ostracised, but it’s all an invention. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against this small bacterium.  I’m just asking people to look into themselves before doing the test. The bacterium is not the only one that is eating YOU up. In this way, we shift the responsibility, that is, we absolve ourselves from responsibility. We corrode ourselves. The cause of the ulcer is what is generally called stress, but this is not some exterior stress but rather our inability to hold our ground. To stand straight and live and speak our own truth. How do I know this? I’ve felt it all on my own skin.

The fourth centre. In the chest area. The heart centre. The centre of all the centres. The centre of accepting oneself and other people. When unbalanced, what occurs is merciless judging of the others, rejection, lack of trust in people, cynicism. The rejection of others occurs when you reject yourself. And this is why every time you judge somebody you should think whether you are actually first judging yourself for having the same thing yourself, but have suppressed this as something not allowed? If you judge somebody for being selfish, first ask yourself if a tiny bit of selfishness exists in you too, but you don’t want to accept it. Everything that has remained discarded in the heart centre, but belongs to us, is what bothers us in the others. And we reject it for we first reject that same thing in ourselves. The illnesses: the autoimmune ones. The Sjögren syndrome. Auto-aggression because you are not good enough. Cruel rejection of oneself and of all of the one’s parts that are not according to the taste of the others. Even corticosteroids could not help me. Only the work on myself. And those others were the inner voices of some teachers, parents, etc. It’s not their fault. They wanted the best version not really aware that everybody is different.

The fifth centre. The throat one. We cannot say our truth when this centre is unbalanced. We either speak little or we stutter or we talk too much, but we are not saying our truth. What our authentic voice is. We express our Self, our third centre through the firth centre. This is the core of the energy psychology. The connection between the body and the mind. Between the third centre and the fifth one. When we express ourselves from the comfort of our body and not vice versa. Not when the body reacts to the mind, but when we balance out our thoughts and speech through the comfort of our body. We are thinking and at the same time we are feeling our body. We are speaking and we are feeling our body. And only when it feels comfortable while we are thinking or speaking, then it is our truth.

The sixth centre. Between the eyes. A clear vision. When it is unbalanced, we have a division into the good and the bad. And within the scope of the broad plan, everything is good. How do I know it? Because only the “bad” things that happened to me have led me to the greatest good. To this work that is getting deeper and deeper. Because only the major temptations have made be better, healthier. This is why everything is good. Because sometimes the life gives us more difficult lessons in order for us to enter health and harmony. And we did not know this and kept judging the life. It’s like this; it can never be any other way.

The seventh centre. On the top of the head. The centre of spirituality. When unbalanced – there is conservatism and control. Inability to let oneself go with the flow of life. How do I know it’s just like this? I used to feel as if something was pressing me on the top of my head. Ever since I can remember. And would not let me break that shell. To release control and fear. To inhale life like a hatchling when it breaks through the shell that encases it. I always used to say that something pressured me from up there. The seventh centre, that’s the one that says it SHOULD BE or MUST BE JUST LIKE THAT. And we live just like that and this is such a strong force that pulls us. But the life and letting go are such phenomenal things when we grasp the concept. When we become aware.

And there are three other centres outside the body. They are very important, but we are going to talk about them some other time.

And so, the emotions in our body are like records, like memories, like our traumas written in an energy code. How do I know this? I can feel it. As you can see. This is not an ad. If it hadn’t been for the energy psychology and everything it includes, I would have been a fat and hairy woman now (because of the corticosteroids), probably on antidepressants and sedatives, with therapy for endometriosis which never ends. This way, other than being healthy, I am also fully aware and happy.

And this energy recorded in our energy centres and expressed through emotions manages our entire physiology, thus determining the health and the illness. Medicine has its own rightful place in all of this. To treat, but not to cure completely. To remove physically what needs to be removed, to reduce great pain, but the real curing always takes places in emotions. I want to thank the medicine, but also the energy. I’m just saying. Perfect match.

What about immunity? It lies in the fourth, heart centre. And when we accept ourselves, we are healthy. Our immunity is then perfect. No bacteria or fungi or viruses can harm us. When we feel comfortable in our shoes. This is not impacted by cold weather or by sitting on cold concrete. It is influenced by our accepting all of our parts. Our entirety. This is what makes our immunity healthy.

Believe this when a doctor, as well as a patient tells you.


Autor: Nada Marković

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