Why an interview with a Bach practitioner?

Why do we need an interview with a practitioner?

The Bach flower remedies therapy does not consist only of using selected combination of essences. It is also a therapeutic work through which we become aware of our mental and emotional states that may constitute an impediment to our inner peace, to communication with others around us and to our personal development. Dr Edward Bach maintained that the cause to any illness lied in mental and emotional unbalances that could take place when, on account of certain life circumstances or what is expected of us, we do not live in harmony with ourselves. We slowly tend to forget how to connect with our inner strength and we give our power to the others allowing them to define us. We start to observe ourselves through the eyes of the others forgetting what we look like through our own, ready to embrace and love only the “good” aspects of ourselves, whole those “bad” ones, the unaccepted and judged ones, remain suppressed. When, as a consequence of different life situations and relationships, they are joined by fears, traumas, sorrows, disappointments… we start to carry too heavy a burden. Our inner being stoops and suffers and starts to send different signals. And this is the moment when we need to do something.

In each one of us there is a myriad of answers ready to be found, but when our navigation, our intuition fails, the questions remain unanswered.

And that is when the therapy may be beneficial as a manner of exploring our inner space.

An inner journey during which we learn how to replace the judgment and criticism of the “unacceptable” parts of ourselves with an approach to love and accepting ourselves fully, because, as somebody has wisely said, “A puzzle needs all the pieces in order to be complete.” A journey to the place of deep insights, the place in which answers are awaiting, the place of reconnecting with ourselves, the place of truth.

And when we, truly, get to know who we are, we will be able to see what it is that inspires us and makes us happy, and what it is that needs to be left behind. This may mean profound changes that require a lot of courage. It may be difficult, maybe we will want to quit. However, before doing that, let us go back again to the same place where we reconnected with ourselves and let us listen to our soul. And let our soul guide us. For the soul does not care about security. The soul needs freedom.

Source: bahovekapicrnagora.wordpress.com, text by Zana Buric